Daniel Elliott

I was was raised in Elrose, Saskatchewan, Canada before moving to the big(ish) city of Saskatoon. After taking courses in Graphic Design and Animation, I proceeded to get a job where I had absolutely NO use for them.

I’ve always been interested in comics, and spent far too much time drawing and writing my own books as a child. However, I never really collected comic books as a kid, mostly because they were hard to get in small town Saskatchewan. My real collecting began when I moved to the city and started frequenting one of the local comic book stores.

Flash forward several (too many) years, and I started getting into reading webcomics.  Stuff like PVP, Penny Arcade, Looking for Group, xkcd and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal really took my interest.  When it was announced that my current place of employment was closing, I felt that it was time to start doing something I’ve always dreamed of: becoming a cartoonist. So I took an idea that I had sitting on the shelf and did the hardest thing for any cartoonist to do: start.