Hey everyone! I made a few changes to the site that I hope everyone likes.

First off, I finally got a ‘Home’ button on the menu bar.  I’ve been fighting with that for nearly 2 weeks, but stumbled across a really simply fix that made me feel really stupid!

Secondly, if you’ll look just to the right on the menu bar, you’ll see a ‘Features’ tab. This is a quick link to the non-comic posts on the site. This includes ‘The Bookshelf’ and blog posts.

Just to the right of that is the new ‘Contact us’ tab. Just click on it to send me a quick e-mail.

Also, I’ve started The Superpower Union Handbook. Give it a quick read through to better know all the people and places of The Superpower Union. I’ll be updating this as new places/people are introduced.

And concluding out guided tour of the site, I added a few buttons to quickly get the word out on ‘The Superpower Union’! Now you can visit the facebook page, add to StumbleUpon, check out the RSS feed, post a link on reddit or just digg it, all at a click of a button.

If anyone notices any issues with these features, please let me know.