The Gargoyle

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Scotland (Universe #155)
First Appearance: Smash: And Origin Story
Union Status: Gargoyle is a member of The High Council representing the Meta-Humans
Abilities: Super strength; Stone-like skin granting some protection; Ability to travel through shadows
Arsenal: Custom PAD
Classification: Gargoyle is a multi-class hero, counting as a Tactician and a Meta-Human

History: The being known simply as the Gargoyle has a long history. A creature of myth in most of Europe, he soon came to the attention of the Superpower Union. He remained elusive for many years before the High Council was able to offer him a chance to save the multi-verse.

Many years later, the Gargoyle is now a member of the High Council. While he is considered one of the top historians on Superhero Lore, he remains thoroughly entrenched in the past. He often is reluctant to recruit new heroes, but eventually sees it as a necessity.

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