Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: N/A
Home Base: Currently Universe #378; previously unknown
First Appearance: Welcome to Victory City
Union Status: Powerhouse is an officer with the Victory City Police Department
Abilities: Super strength; Ability to store and expel kinetic energy
Arsenal: Energy harnessing suit and battery with integrated PAD
Classification: Powerhouse is primarily a Meta-human, although his battle skills and abilities as a detective also classify him as a Warrior or Tactician

History: Powerhouse was a detective known for his strength. It was discovered that his strength was the result of his ability to absorb, retain, and expel kinetic energy. With the help of a local engineer, they were able to create a suit that allowed him to retain and direct greater amounts of energy. He eventually caught the eye of the Superpower Union, and soon joined the Victory City Police Department alongside his partner Ranger.

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