Real Name: Gilles
Aliases: None
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Unknown (but presumed to be France)
First Appearance: Shown
Union Membership: Gilles is considered Support Staff by the union, and as such belongs to no team
Abilities: Enhanced strength and durability; Able to talk even though he’s a fish stuck in a diving suit
Classification: With his mystically enhanced strength and durability, Gilles is considered a Mystic.

History: One day, Gilles was just swimming along minding his own business when he accidentally swam into an old Victorian-era diving suit. Little did he realize the suit was had magical properties and granted the little fish with the ability to speak and operate the suit. Unfortunately, he was locked inside forever. Eventually, he was discovered wandering the shoreline and sold to a circus where he performed as one half of ‘The Amazing Jacques and Gilles’. The duo was rescued from the evil circus when they were noticed by a member of the Superpower Union. Gilles now resides in Victory City where he works in the Mail Room.

Case Files: