Real Name: Jacques
Aliases: None
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Unknown (but presumed to be France)
First Appearance: Shown(Shadowed); Shown (Full)
Union Membership: Jacques is considered Support Staff by the union, and as such belongs to no team
Abilities: Able to carry relatively large amounts of cargo on his back; Form coherent words and sentences despite being a donkey; Able to nearly instantly learn and speak any language (with a French accent)
Classification: With his linguistic skills, Jacques is classed as a Tactician.

History: Jacques was just an ordinary donkey, until one day he gained the ability to communicate to those around him from magical means. Unable to keep his big mouth shut, he was captured by a traveling circus and forced to perform as one half of ‘The Amazing Jacques and Gilles’. Both Jacques and Gilles were rescued from the evil circus when they were noticed by a member of the Superpower Union. Jacques now resides in Victory City where he works in the Mail Room.

Case Files: