Real Name: Inapplicable
Aliases: None
Home Base: Currently housed in a Superpower Union Evidence Locker; Previously Universe #033 Coast City
First Appearance: Shown (Shadowed); Shown (Full)
Union Membership: Tromheller’s Abomination is a villain, and has no union status
Abilities: Immense strength; Regenerative properties; Unknown mystical properties; Love of dance
Classification: Tromheller’s Abomination is considered a low-level threat to the union.

History: One terrible day, Dr Tobias Tromheller exposed the fossils in his ‘knick knack’ drawer to the mysterious power of an ancient artifact from the jungles of Peru. The creature that came forth was forever known as Tromheller’s Abomination! The doctor set the beast loose on Coast City in an effort to rob the city’s Museum of Natural History. Fortunately, the Superpower Union’s Local 1400 was able to capture Dr Tromheller and slay the beast. The Abomination later reassembled itself inside of an evidence locker where it remains to this day awaiting trial.

Case Files:
Charged and Awaiting Trial: Running amok in Coast City, causing untold damage to public and private property