Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: N/A
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously SPARTA!
First Appearance: N/A
Union Status: The Spartan is a member of The High Council representing the Tacticians in the Superpower Union
Abilities: Untold battlefield experience in a variety of types of warfare; Exceptional physical prowess; Extremely long life; Extremely stern
Arsenal: Ancient armor rumored to have special qualities.
Classification: The Spartan is a member of the Tactician Class, though he is also classified as a Warrior

History: The Spartan was a soldier in ancient Sparta, and quickly rose to the ranks of General. Though he had much success and was well beloved by his people, he made an enemy of a powerful witch, who cursed him with eternal life.
After watching his loved ones perish of old age, The Spartan traveled the world seeking a cure from his affliction. None was found, but he found his place in conflict after conflict, often rising to positions of power due to his lengthy experience. As such, The Spartan has fought in countless wars through out the millennia, and has a keen eye for strategy, often seeing things play out far in advance.
He was quickly drafted by the Superpower Union to help lead its heroes to victory, and now as Head Councillor, he is the figure head of the entire union.

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