Real Name: Unrevealed
Aliases: None
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Unknown, but for sure on a beach somewhere
First Appearance:
When Worlds Collide
Union Status:
Ecto works in the Union’s Call Center, and counts as Support Staff
Abilities: Able to control an ectoplasmic aura generated by his body.
Arsenal: PAD
Classification: Ecto’s abilities are supernatural in origin, and as such he counts as a Mystic

History: Ok, like, Ecto was just hanging out by the beach, you know? Then, like, this gnarly bolt of lightning just, like, shot out of the sky. Then, when he woke up, he was, like, neither dead nor alive! So now he controls this weird ectoplasma stuff? Anyway, he’s a total slacker, but the big kahunas at the Union think he has potential. Pft, yeah right!

Recommended Reading:
When Worlds Collide