Real Name: Dr Stephan Sprocket
Aliases: ‘The World’s Foremost Expert on All Things Science”; “The Machinist”
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Undisclosed
First Appearance: N/A
Union Status: Doc Sprocket is a member of The High Council representing the Scientist Class of Superheroes
Abilities: Possesses advanced robotic body, providing the very best in defense systems and communications; Advanced understanding of all things science
Arsenal: Custom designed android body, with a vast array of devices
Classification: Sprocket is one of the most brilliant men alive, and is a member of the Scientist Class

History: A multi-billionaire, Sprocket was regarded as the most advanced mind of his time. He transferred his body into a robotic one to better integrate with technology. After joining the Superpower Union, Sprocket’s company, Sprocket Industries, expanded to Victory City where they started producing the vast majority of the union’s equipment. He eventually was appointed to the position of “The Machinist” and ascended to the High Council as the chief Scientist of the Union.

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