The Jaguar King

Real Name: King Carlos Alejandro
Aliases: None
Home Base: Currently The Jungles of South America (Universe #155)
First Appearance: N/A
Union Status: The Jaguar King is a member of The High Council, representing the Warrior class
Abilities: Proficient in multiple martial arts; Personal armory of various high-tech and ancient weaponry; Entire nation at his beck and call; Smooth accent
Arsenal: Enchanted armor; Enchanted weaponry
Classification: The Jaguar King is considered both a Tactician and a Warrior

History: The Jaguar King was the ‘runt’ of a noble family and rose to the position of king through the traditional trial by combat.  As the King of South America, he gained access to many of the nation’s secrets, such as enchanted weaponry and armor, as well as the blessing of the Jaguar God. In a leadership based on hand-to-hand combat, these weapons made Carlos and his already impressive skills unstoppable. His lengthy reign ushered in a new era of prosperity for the nation.

Carlos soon caught the eye of The High Council, and was recruited to lend his skills to saving the multi-verse. He accepted the Council’s offer; appointing a regent to rule the country during his frequent absences.

Carlos’ skills shone as part of the Superpower Union, where his skill more then made up for his small stature. Thanks to the enchantments in his weaponry, Carlos is blessed with an unnaturally long life, and in the centuries of service in the union, has rose to become a member of the High Council.

Even though he holds such a high position in the Superhero community, Carlos maintains a solid presence in his homeland, and has become the most powerful figure on his home world.

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