Real Name: Unknown
Aliases:  ‘Mom’ (but rarely to her face)
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Unknown
First Appearance: Welcome to Victory City
Union Status:
Cat belongs to the 1400
Skilled in hand-to-hand combat, including various martial arts techniques; excellent agility, and physical conditioning; prehensile tail
Arsenel: Prehensile tail, Retractable claws, PAD
Classification: With skills based exclusively on her combat training, Cat is classed only as a Warrior, although her leadership abilities also allows her to serve as a Tactician.

History: Cat is an outstanding member of the Superpower Union. As she had no natural super-human abilities, she tirelessly works to keep herself in top physical condition. She first came to the Union’s attention when she was a homeless girl stealing to survive, where they saw her potential and recruited her to join them in their fight to save the multi-verse. After turning her back on a life of crime, she quickly proved herself a model superhero… even if she has a short temper.

After a series of departures, Cat was made leader of the Local 1400, and has had her hands full trying to reign in the groups wilder elements.

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