Real Name: Dr Tobias Tromheller
Aliases: None
Home Base: Currently incarcerated; Previously Universe #033 Germany
First Appearance: Shown
Union Membership: Dr Tromheller is a villain, and has no union status
Abilities: Advanced intelligence; Significant knowledge of history; Thick German accent that is capable of instilling fear
Classification: Dr Tromheller is considered a low-level threat to the union

History: Tromheller is a man of wealthy means and a desire to collect many of his world’s ancient treasures. He has scoured the world looking for priceless artifacts and has been involved in numerous daring robberies to obtain the ones he did not discover himself. One such robbery involved the creation of the creature known as Tromheller’s Abomination, in an attempt to rob Coast City’s renowned Museum of Natural History. He was thwarted by the Superpower Union’s Local 1400, and currently is in prison.

Case Files:
Charged and Awaiting Trial: Successfully infiltrated the Berlin Museum via a Trojan Horse replica
Charged and Convicted: Created Tromheller’s Abomination in an attempt destroy Coast City and raid the Museum of Natural History