Captain Amazing-Man

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Cap; The Captain; Hooter’s Most Valuable Customer; The Love Train (self-proclaimed)
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Unknown
First Appearance: When Worlds Collide
Union Status: Cap belongs to The 1400
Abilities: Super-speed; Super-strength; Invulnerability; Flight; Heat vision
Arsenal: Nearly invulnerable flight suit with internal PAD
Classification: With skills based solely around his superhuman abilities , Cap is classed only as a Meta-Human.

History: Captain Amazing-Man is one of the multi-verse’s premiere heroes. Little is known about his past, but his good deeds are legendary across multiple realities. Lately, his reputation among his peers is a little less pure, as he has become well-known as Victory City’s wildest citizen. His very public private life is filled with wild parties and wilder women, which is a shocking reversal of his previously up-standing ways.  Many have speculated about this sudden change in behavior, and the High Council have made it clear that The Captain is on a very short leash.

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