Real Name: Kota
Aliases: Captain Kota
Home Base: Currently the Inter-planetary shipping lanes of the far reaches of the galaxy
First Appearance: Smash: An Origin Story
Union Status: Kota is a civilian, and has no affiliation with the Superpower Union; Currently, he serves on the Crew of The Skipper
Skilled tactician; Great pilot; Excellent Leader
Arsenal: Zero G flight suit; The Skipper
Classification: Kota is not part of the Superpower Union, and is considered unclassified

History: Kota is the captain of one of the most successful smuggling ships in his quadrant of space: The Skipper. He recruited various crew members to quietly and peacefully smuggle goods, and not everyone aboard The Skipper was happy with that. A crazed Nova Skull earned a savage reputation through out the galaxy until Kota and Abe were forces to turn him over in exchange for amnesty.  Kota now only transports legally obtained cargo.

While on a distant world, Kota recruited a young Smash, who later saved the ship and crew from Nova-Skull.

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