Home Base: Victory City
First Appearance: N/A
Current Members: The Spartan (Head Councillor), The Gargoyle, The Jaguar King, Brother Cassius, Doc Sprocket, Cosmos
Known Former Members: N/A
Honorary/Auxiliary Members: N/A
Mission Statement: To lead and guide the Superpower Union, and all of its members, on its quest to protect the known multi-verse

The High Council was formed long ago by unknown forces.  The group has sought to unite and regulate the superheroes of the multi-verse. While taking many different forms, the council has always existed of 6 members, with one of them being elected Head Councilor. All decisions made by the High Council require 4 votes from the council before passing, with the Head Councilor having 2 votes.

The six members represent the different classifications of superheroes, and many positions hold a special title. The 6 member positions are as follows:

The Warrior: This person typically has no superpowers, and has succeeded on skill alone. They may have some special powers, but its usually granted by some piece of equipment. To reach the High Council, the person must have proven themselves on their skill alone without any of their special abilities.

The Mystic: This member is proficient in the mystic arts, and has spent years becoming a master of magic. The councilor of the mystics is usually referred to as ‘The Master of the Mystical Arts’.

The Empowered: This is an individual that has super-human abilities above and beyond the typical for their race.

The Machinist: Possessing advanced skills in technology, this councilor has made their mark through science. They’re usually tricked out with many fancy gadgets

The Scholar: Its brains over brawn for this position. This councilor is a master of strategy, and has proven himself countless times in the field.

The Cosmic: Displaying powers beyond the comprehension of most mortals, this councilor is the most powerful. Since the inception of the High Council, Cosmos has always filled this role. However, he is usually preoccupied with the workings of the universe, and are not reliable for handling ‘the small stuff’.