Gate Keeper

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: GK
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously Unknown
First Appearance: When Worlds Collide
Union Status: Gate Keeper works for the Transportation Department and is an interim member of The 1400
Abilities: Advanced intelligence, advanced apathy
Arsenal: Various gizmos; Remote access to the Portal; top level clearance
Classification: Possessing an extremely advanced intellect and a knack for building, GK is a member of both the Scientist and Tactician classes

History: Gate Keeper is the Head of the Transportation Department, and is responsible for the inter-dimensional travel for all the heroes, including those of the 1400. As the Union’s Transportation Specialist, he knows of all his fellow heroes comings and goings. Due to recent budget cuts, GK is usually the only man running The Portal, which means he’s perpetually on call and always in the Union Headquarters. A surly worker, few can ever remember seeing him until recently. He has apparently been with the Union for ages, as he seems to know many of the organizations secrets… and how to use those secrets to his advantage.

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