Ever wanted to meet a superhero?

Gary always did, until one day he stumbled upon the biggest secret in all of hero-dom: Superheroes are real!

After sneaking through a portal to the superheroes’ headquarters, Gary now finds himself a part of the hero community (whether they want him there or not).

Follow the exploits of Gary and his new super ‘friends’ as they battle evil, their bosses, their union and themselves. It’s not a glamorous job, but at least it has full dental.

The Cast

Gary: The bumbling, outsider who is getting a reality check about what it takes to be a superhero.
Smash: The muscle-bound alien rookie who just wants to be a hero.
Cat: The by-the-books, no-nonsense team leader who lives for her job.
Gate Keeper: The grumpy, jaded tech support who’s just looking to keep his head down and not make waves.
Captain Amazing-Man: The hard-partying, sefl-centered super man who’s more concerned about his groupies than he is about innocent bystanders.
The High Council: The shadowy group that oversees all superhero activity across the multi-verse.