This week on Adventures in Cartooning… a retrospective.

I thought I`d share a peek back at the history of The Superpower Union. It didn’t start out as a webcomic (more on that later) and it didn’t turn into a hand-drawn strip until much later. I had made an attempt to make it using vector graphics.

For those of you not ‘in the know’, vector graphics are computer generated images. However, unlike images created with software programs like Photoshop (which uses raster graphics), vector graphics don’t blur when they get expanded. The reason is that vectors are created using math equations to decide what the line looks like, not pixels; you zoom in, and the line is just recalculated. This has no effect on the product you view on screen, but you can copy and paste an image, move lines around, etc. without having to worry about proportions getting out of whack. At least I think that’s how it works…

Anyway, back on topic! The Superpower Union was a vector created strip at one point. A point that lasted about 4 strips before my free trial of Illustrator ran out (or a gave up… not sure which one really happened anymore). Cap hasn’t really changed since then, but Gary got a major make-over. So here’s a peek at the first strip in all it’s vectorized glory*!

* the term ‘glory’ may be used in a sarcastic manner.