This time on Adventures in Cartooning, I want to talk about ‘going digital’.

I recently picked up Manga Studio Debut after seeing some tutorials for it online. I fooled around with the program while drawing the strip traditionally before deciding to take the plunge and make the strip 100% digitally.

It’s a very easy program to use and its quite natural to draw with it (I find it easier then Photoshop or Illustrator) although it can be quite daunting learning an entire program.  There’s still a few settings that I haven’t even tried to figure out!

I have found it difficult to colour with the program, so I still export everything to Photoshop for that, but all the rest of the art is either done by hand and scanned in or done entirely in program.

I really recommend this program, as its very versatile and really cheap ($50 US) as opposed to programs like Photoshop that can be well over $500. It also has lots of tutorials online to help you out if you are struggling with anything.