Time for another update to Adventures in Cartooning (Or Things I Wish I Knew Months Ago). This time I want to talk about facial expressions.

I’ve been having a hard time getting my art to portray the right amount of emotion while drawing and I think one of the problems is my characters expression. I found a couple great resources on the subject that I thought I would share with any other artists out there.

The first is found at a webcomic called Lackadaisy. The site features a few articles on drawing and one sticks out as a great tutorial on facial expressions.

The second is The Grimace Project, which is an animated face that has sliders you can adjust to show a range of emotion. This is really fun to play will even if you aren’t looking for an expression!

I hope to incorporate some stuff from this into my comic strip in the near future, and I hope that this has helped some other creators out there.