GaryWeb1Real Name: Gary Mundy
Aliases: “That Guy”
Home Base: Currently Smash’s Apartment; Formerly Ye Olde Comix Shoppe (Universe #378); Previously his parents’ basement (Universe #378)
First Appearance: Mentioned; Shown
Abilities: Possesses a categorical knowledge of most superheroes and villains. Also possesses a Personal Auxiliary Device found on all superheroes in the employ of the Superpower Union.

History: Gary is just a regular comic book enthusiast. After an incident at the local comic shop, Gary stumbled upon the best kept secret in the multi-verse: Superheroes are real!

After following Captain Amazing-Man through The Portal, Gary joined the team on a mission. Having helped the team defeat Dr Tromheller (and being given a lost ID Badge from a fallen hero to cover up his non-union status) Gary became a member of the Superpower Union. He started work as a telephone operator for the Union before transferring to the Union’s Mail Room.GaryWeb2

Case Files:
Termination: Accused of Operating Without Union Status (Withdrawn)

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