Brother Cassius

Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: “Master of the Mystic Arts”
Home Base: Currently Victory City; Previously a secluded monastery (location unrevealed)
First Appearance: Shown(Shadowed); Shown (Full)
Union Membership: Cassius is a member of The High Council
Abilities: Well-versed in the mystic arts; Possesses many magical trinkets and artifacts
Classification: Cassius’s magical abilities makes him a Mystic class hero

History: Brother Cassius’ early life is shrouded in mystery, but according to him was rather dull. He grew up in a secluded monastery, but after stumbling upon a long-forgotten room, Cassius he secretly began learning they mystic arts. He soon left the monastery to seek a life of adventure and was recruited by The High Council to help ensure the safety of the multi-verse.

Cassius took to life as a superhero easily, and always sought out new adventures and new experiences. He became known for holding elaborate party’s full of bizarre activities that many heroes found off putting. Many heroes give Cassius a wide berth, lest they be asked to participate in another one of his wild ‘adventures’.

Despite his social standing, Cassius rose through the ranks of The Superpower Union (largely due to The Great Demon Invasion, which destroyed many of the other Mystics in the union), and soon earned a spot on The High Council as the Master of the Mystic Arts.

Case Files: Classified