Amazing Spiderman 651This week’s edition of The Bookshelf features everyone’s favorite web-slinger: Spider-man!  This is part of the ‘Big Time’ storyline, and features the all-new(ish) Hobgoblin, as well as a backup story about Mac Gargan’s return as The Scorpion.

I’m a huge Spidey fan, and this is always one of my favorite reads.  I do have a big problem with this story, and that has to do with the latest Hobgoblin.  He’s now Phil Urich (you may remember him as the good Green Goblin from about 15 years ago), and while he is a pretty cool villian, I just can’t buy his turn to villainy.  He went from being a normal guy to supervillian overnight!  With no real reason!  It just seemed weird and forced.

I do like that Phil Urich is being shown as a darker version of Peter Parker.  He’s getting by peddling exclusive photos of The Hobgoblin in action, and using them to impress his boss and co-workers.  The even did the old ‘half face’ thing they do with Spidey (Where half his face is his own and the other half is under the mask)!

Plus it’s got Spider-man’s new ‘Stealth Suit’, which is pretty sweet.  Be sure to check it out!

See ya next time!