This week on The Bookshelf we have Deadpool Team-up #885.

Well, more specifically, we have one of Marvel’s oddest character: HELLCOW!

I was almost giddy when I saw Hellcow would be joining Deadpool in this one, and not because I’m some huge fan of the vampire cow.  It all started a few weeks ago…

While at my day job, some co-workers got into a discussion about super villains.  One stated that every country in the world had some kind of super villain from there.  Another argued that no super villian has ever came out of Switzerland.  This resulted in a frantic internet search to find some nefarious being from Switzerland.  And the result?


There was a couple others, but Hellcow was by far the best.  And now, Bessy is back to spread her own brand of terror across the Marvel Universe!

See you all next time on The Bookshelf.