This week’s addition to the bookshelf…


I figured I’d put that in because this is the debut of the all new (yet again) Venom!  Actually the entire issue The Amazing Spider-man #654.1 is about Venom, and it’s new host: Flash Thompson!

The basic story here is injured war hero Flash Thompson is selected by the government to be a secret agent with the help of the Venom suit.  After each mission, Flash is separated from the suit so no bond can be made between the two, and he only gets 20 missions before being pulled from the program.

I’ve always liked the Flash character.  Really, for a minor character he’s shown lots of growth, moving from a jock bully in the early days to a decorated war hero.  I’m glad we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.

At least until they put the Venom suit on someone else…

See you next time!