Here’s a little info on the Black Bat character:

The Black Bat (at least this version) was created around the same time as DC’s Batman (within a month actually), and both were based off of an earlier Black Bat character. The Black Bat is actually a very influential character, as many comic book fans will notice if you read a full biography here.  Reading about this character, it seems like he is a walking cliche, but you have to remember that he was created long before anything about superheroes was a cliche.

I came across a website awhile ago that was called Public Domain Superheroes, a site that lists hundreds of characters from the Golden Age of comics that are now free to use by any creators out there. Many public domain characters have shown up as part of bigger publishers, such as Dynamite’s Project Superpowers. I came across the site and instantly wanted to revive a Golden Age Hero right here in The Superpower Union.

Anyway, I found a character called ‘The Black Bat’, and between that and playing way too much Batman: Arkham City, I decided to use him in the strip. I like having characters that are a bit cliched, and poking some fun at the usual archetypes that are in superhero comics, and The Black Bat will allow me to do that with ease! This is also a chance to expand the Superpower Union Universe, and introduce something that’s a little different tone then the main strip. I even changed lots of the colours from the primary comic!

Well, explanation complete! Hope you all like the new characters and I appreciate any feedback about this little experiment 😀 The regular strip will be back on Monday.