Un-fake his death? Or should it be Un-fake his life?

↓ Transcript
1 - (Cat and GK are back at Union Headquarters)
Narrator: Later...
Cat (Hand on her chin thinking): Well, we got one of your fake identities sorted out. We better get started on the next one.
Gate Keeper: (pulling his spandex disguise off): Nah, I just decided to un-fake his death.

2 - (Cat gets angry and GK puts his regular clothes back on)
Cat: Un-fake his... UGH! Hopefully you at least learned a lesson from all of this!
Gate Keeper: Don't use too many fake identities at the same time?

3 - (Cat lectures GK, who isn't pleased)
Cat: How about you don't use any fake identities?
Gate Keeper: How about one lesson at a time Missy!


4 - (Cat is in the SHR offices)
Cat (slams her hand on the desk): What do you mean I have a complaint filed against me?!
SHR Rep (waves Cat's rage off): Now, we aren't allowed to disclose names.