↓ Transcript
1 - (Cat, Doc Johnson and Faye approach the house)
Cat: Alright you two! Consider this your first mission with this team. We've got a possible supernatural event that should be quick to clean up.

2 - (A priest runs out the door)
Priest (running): It's evil!!! Evil I tell you!

3 - (The priest squints his eyes)
Priest: The Devil is at work in that house!

4 - (Doc Johnson rolls his eyes)
Doc Johnson: Pft! The Devil... I'm sure there is a scientific explanation to all this.

5 - (The priest taps Doc Johnson on the chest)
Priest: Oh, that thing is going to eat you alive, son. Eat. You. Alive.
Cat (turning back to Doc Johnson): Johnson! Quit gabbin' it up with the locals!