Faye is one tough cookie!

↓ Transcript
1 - (Faye pushes past Cat)
Cat: Now, if you had listened, I was about to say...
Faye (Pushes past Cat): Step Aside! Let me show you how we do this back in the Enchanted Forest.

2 - (Cat glares after Faye)
Doc Johnson: Pft! The Enchanted Forest doesn't sound so tough.

3 - (Cat starts typing on her wrist communicator)
Doc Johnson: What are you doing?
Cat: Making a note that you both have trouble FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS!

4 - (The door to the bedroom shakes from the noise inside)

5 - (Faye is thrown through the door)
Cat: Are you ok?

6 - (A battered and excited Faye wipes blood from her mouth)
Faye: Oh ho ho! Somebody's came to play!
Doc Johnson: She scares me...