↓ Transcript
1 - (Bartleby pulls himself out of the Possessed Girl's mouth)
Bartleby: Tremble humansss! Behold the awe-inssspiring creature from the deepessst bowelsss of Hell! For I am Bartleby, Devourer of Sssoul!

2 - (Cat looks quizzical)
Cat: 'Soul'? As in just one?

3 - (Bartleby looks perturbed)
Bartleby: Lisssten lady, thisss gig isssn't asss easssy asss the moviesss make it look.

4 - (Faye points to the demon)
Faye: Ha! Big mistake demon! All I needed to banish you was your true name! *Gibberish with the name Bartleby*

5 - (Bartleby is sucked into a vortex)
Bartleby: Cursssesss! Foiled by my villianousss need to monologue!

6 - (Doc Johnson turns to Cat)
Doc Johnson: I think that's the last we'll see of him.

7 - (Bartleby pulls his head through the portal and looks at a shocked Doc)
Bartleby: Oh, your sssoul is next 'Woodrow'!