The Union is getting a new recruit.

↓ Transcript
1 - (Gary and Jacques are in the Transporter Room with a letter)
Jacques: 'Ow about we try something... easier? Delivering an acceptance letter!

2 - (Jacques steps out of The Portal into an alien landscape)
Jacques: 'Allo?! We are looking for... Wun-Darr of Windros?

3 - (Wun-Darr appears in a puff of purple smoke in front of tiny village and its inhabitants)
Wun-Darr: I am Wun-Darr! Defender of the weak and savior of the wretched! Why are you here?

4 - (Gary holds up the letter)
Gary: Uh, we have a letter for you, sir?

5 - (Wun-Darr reads the letter)
Wun-Darr: I've been accepted into the Superpower Union?!?

6 - (Wun-Darr steps into The Portal and waves to his fellow villagers)
Wun-Darr: Later losers!