Now Wun-Darr has to go through the process of becoming a hero.

↓ Transcript
1 - (Jacques and Gary are talking)
Jacques: Next we take him to get processed. First the Med-Bay for a physical and power assessment.

2 - (A Med-Bot is talking to Wun-Darr in the Med-Bay with a group of 10 Dummies)
Med-Bot: According to your file you are a 'Meta-Human Teleporter'. Now, we need to see how many people you can teleport with you. Give me 10 reps of 10 please.

3 - (Wun-Darr is in the Marketing Department with Martin the Marketer.
Jacques (off panel): Then to marketing.
Wun-Darr: So, why can't I call myself 'Wun-Darr'?
Martin the Marketer: Already taken! But we have a 'Mr. Wonder' persona that has tested well in the 18-30 demographic.

4 - (Gary looks nervous at Jacques next comment)
Jacques: Of course, you know all 'dis from when you joined the union.
Gary: Uh, yeah...