Little Smash finds out what space travel is all about.

↓ Transcript
1 - A young Smash looks up at the stars
Smash (Narrating): Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of traveling the stars.

2 - Young Smash is hiding behind a tree
Smash (Narrating): I'd go down to the shipyard and watch the transports come in.

3 - Young Smash sneaks onto a spaceship
Smash (Narrating): One day, I stowed away on one.

4 - Young Smash is found on the ship
Smash (Narrating): It, uh, didn't last long.
Young Smash: Uh, hi?

5 - The ships crew gestures towards a piece of machinery
Smash (Narrating): The crew put me to work until we got back to port. They figured it was a punishment for a runt like me.