↓ Transcript
1 - Young Smash is lifting a vehicle over his head
Smash (Narrating): But the joke was on them. Turns out my planets high gravity made me super-strong!

2 - Young Smash watches the ship leave
Smash (Narrating): They dropped me off back home but it was too late. I knew I wanted to be an adventurer!

3 - An older Smash is in a spaceport
Smash (Narrating): As soon as I was old enough, I went back to the shipyards.

4 - Smash speaks to Captain Kota
Smash (Narrating): Captain Kota saw something in me.

5 - The spaceship, 'The Skipper', is in space
Smash (Narrating): He hired me as a grunt aboard The Skipper.