↓ Transcript
1 - Smash and Abe hide in a room as Kota and a crew member are escorted by a drone
Abe: Keep down kid!
Smash (Narrating): Abe was the First Mate. He was always lookin' out for me.
Abe: Whatever happens, stay hidden! We're going to stay quiet and wait for our chance.

2 - Abe and Smash continue to avoid the drones as K'lkt is led away. Abe hands a pistol to Smash
Abe: Here, take this. Hopefully we won't have to use it.
Smash (Narrating): So we hid.

3 - Abe and Smash continue to hide
Smash (Narrating): And hid.

4 - Abe and Smash avoid the drones some more
Smash (Narrating): And...hid.