GK’s all dressed up!

↓ Transcript
1 - (Gate Keeper is looking at his costume)
Gate Keeper (wearing a costume to disguise him as a woman): I wasn't expecting to be parading around in this get-up!

2 - (Cat waves off Gate Keeper's comment)
Cat: Oh, you look fine!

3 - (Close up of Gate Keeper from behind with Cat looking disgusted)
Gate Keeper (hands on his hips): I'm an old man wearing spandex! I do not 'look fine'!

4 - (Cat talks to GK)
Cat: You should have thought of that before you stole poor, dead Girl Kilobyte's identity for personal gain!

5 - (GK answers Cat)
Gate Keeper: I didn't picture it ending with two melons down the front of my shirt!

6 -
Cat: End this charade or I'll tell Superhuman Resources you've been collecting multiple paychecks with fake identities!

7 - (GK considers his options)

8 - (GK puts out his hand)
Gate Keeper: Fine! Gimme that lipstick...