Sounds like Cat could be in some hot water…

↓ Transcript
1 - (Exterior shot of Superhuman Resources Building)
Narrator: And so...
SHR Rep (Inside the building): And we are almost done. just a few more questions. This one is about the work environment.

2 - (The SHR Rep and GK are shown through the window)
SHR Rep: During your time there, did anyone make you feel... uncomfortable?
Gate Keeper (as Girl Kilobyte): Never.

3 - (The SHR Rep is shocked)
SHR Rep: Never? But you're working beside Captain Amazing-Man! He hits on any woman in a 200 foot radius!

4 - (GK shrugs)
Gate Keeper: Uh, I guess I'm not his type...

5 - (The SHR Rep goes through some paper)
SHR Rep: And lastly, any complaints about your co-workers?

6 - (GK thinks with a smile)

7 - (Exterior shot of GK and SHR Rep through the window)
Gate Keeper: Actually, I've got a few complaints about Cat...