A plan is formed…

↓ Transcript
1 - (Jaguar King steps outside the temple and pulls on his mask)
Jaguar King: Something is amiss in Victory City. We must bring order back to the Union!

2 - (Brother Cassius is lost in thought)
Brother Cassius: Perhaps I can find some clue to Cosmos' whereabouts on the Astral Plane.

3 - (Jaguar King clenches his fist)
Jaguar King: I'll have my team look into what the connection is between Doc Sprocket and The Spartan. Maybe we can break up the deadlock that way.

4 - (Gargoyle crosses his arms)
Gargoyle: Bah! 'Your team'. I always forget you're a king. I'm going to keep searching for the missing metas. Maybe there's something I missed on the security cameras.