The meeting commences…

↓ Transcript
1 - (Jaguar King throws open a double door and sees Brother Cassius and Gargoyle)
Jaguar King: Cassius! Gargoyle! Welcome! We have much to discuss.

2 - (Brother Cassius and Gargoyle approach Jaguar King)
Brother Cassius: Yes, like our missing Councillor Cosmos. Without him, Spartan and his lackey Doc Sprocket have the votes to block any motion we try to pass.

3 - (Gargoyle voices his opinion as Jaguar King prepares to lower his mask)
Gargoyle: I'm more concerned about the recent disappearances of Meta-humans.
Jaguar King: How is your latest recruit?
Gargoyle: Arrogant, like all these new Metas seem to be. But we're too short staffed to not enlist him.